MACHs in Action

Kädi was born and raised in Estonia, today lives in Tallinn, and is a big sports fan. Next to snowboarding, playing tennis, surfing, roller-skating, running…  five years ago, she also started her own aerobics club together with friends where as “heavy-aerobics” instructor she brings sporty people up-to-speed. Next to sports, Kädi has another passion – being insatiably curious. As a passionate traveler (she admits that her parents have infected her with this travel fever), she is constantly looking for new places around the world that she can discover next.

26 years old, she has an interesting professional track record: she first did her Bachelor’s degree in Semiotics (WOW!), followed by MBA studies at the Estonian Business School—which provided her with the flexibility to work and study (giving her a high degree of independency), while being able to build a strong professional network and develop good business acumen skills.


In November 2015, Kädi joined Microsoft as MBA MACH and today works in the CEE Multicountry Europe CCG team as Partner Channel Executive, where she manages distributors and our direct system builder partners for Estonia, in addition to taking care of anti-piracy in the Baltics. For her, doing successful marketing campaigns together with partners is something she is very proud of.  She truly believes that understanding and working closely as “equal partners” with them, is and will be Microsoft’s key to success in the Consumer business.


When asked about the MACH program, Kädi gets excited: “I have gotten the best trainings available and that has helped me a lot in ramping up quickly to my complicated role. It has helped me understand the company and its goals and strategy.  I have also an amazing support from the company to help me succeed and develop myself. And finally, I have met a lot of different people from a variety of places, who were truly inspiring.”


Change is something she truly is looking forward to: “At Microsoft, there is always something new to learn and to discover. Microsoft is the kind of company you will never get bored of and where you can constantly develop and evolve. This variety and the complexity of my job is something I truly enjoy!”

Kädi Horm

Partner Channel Executive,

CCG Estonia/ CEE Multicountry Europe

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