From Opportunity To Impact

Microsoft provides a great opportunity for those prepared to grasp it.


We encourage you to make things happen for yourself, to seek out the right people to help you on your journey and embrace a mindset that enables you to enjoy navigating your way in a large organization, learning, growing as you go, enhancing your skills and widening your interests.


Microsoft is full of positive, energetic people collaborating with one another in order to build on their successes and achieve a common goal. By learning from and working with these individuals, you can make an impact in no time.


We look for motivated, enthusiastic people who will embrace their job role and learn while they work.


We want people who actively seek feedback on their performance and appreciate being measured by how much they learn as well as growing as a result of that guidance.


All of our people work hard to achieve their goals and we want them to enjoy themselves while they do it, which is why we provide in-house wellness centres, onsite nurses, coffee bars, great food and a gym offering a range of classes. It’s the way we like to do things here.

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