From Student Life to Microsoft

At Microsoft we hire all sorts of people. Of course we want those who can create ideas and build technology, but equally as important we also embrace those who can sell and market the finished products to individuals and organizations across the world.


We look for people who can listen, understand the needs of others and ensure that they get the very best out of all that we are offering. We also love to have people in the background working out how we are getting on with all of this, thinking about what we could do differently or do better, analyzing data and reporting back. As such we hire across all areas of the business, so whatever you’ve studied it doesn’t matter, there’s a role for everyone. Put simply, you don’t have to be a computer scientist to work at Microsoft!


We have a fantastic culture and work ethos where you can achieve real meaning from your work that suits your personal philosophy. We enable you to develop and, if you join us, you’ll become exposed to our fantastic, inclusive, global culture and way of working.


On top of this, you’ll also gain insight into our new launches and initiatives while quickly becoming a dedicated fan of our exciting products and services.

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