Gabrijela Korica “My MGX Story”

My MGX Story


When you start working for Microsoft, you think that you are already aware of the power and greatness of the company. You had your first day as a new, young employee, you see the organisation, think „wow, that is big amount of intelligent people doing interesting things“ and you know it a place to be.


But there is one special moment when you get really, completely aware of Microsoft’s greatness – and that is when you attend your first MGX event as a MACH new hire.


In caseyou are not familiar with the MACH program: the MACH program is a customized learning experience designed for newest university hires in various full-time roles within the Evangelism, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Services organizations.


MGX (Microsoft Global Exchange) event is a one of the biggest global Microsoft events where people from around the world gather to recognize their achievements and get inspired for future successes. As a MACH there, you will get fascinated by the newest technologies presented, you will be motived by and proud of your colleagues winning awards for their hard work during the past year, you will see how many people, your coworkers, are engaged on empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more!


The story that touched me the most during my first MGX ( July 2016) was about a baby that has specific heart condition and is in life danger because of this disease. There was a software built with help of Microsoft technologies that is able to recognise this condition and react by calling ambulance when critical state occurs to have this baby’s life saved. Imagine what all is possible with help of Microsoft technologies, and yes, you as a MACH are able to participate and change the world!


Not only Microsoft innovations and technologies that get presented are extraordinary, there is also an extraordinary MACH community. As a MACH, at MGX you also have an additional training called MACH@MGX.  All MACHs, yes you read it correctly, all worldwide MACH hires from the same fiscal year come to this event to learn, to connect with each other and to get inspired to make even greater impact for this company and so for the society!


During this event I made a lof of friends, I met young perspective people with interesting ideas, for example from Saudi Arabia, which I would hardly meet so easily otherwise.


Coming from a small country like Croatia in Central and Eastern Europe, for me it was magical to see the opportunity that has been given to me by Microsoft, to be able to meet and work with people worldwide. It is no obstacle for me to be located in Croatia, with help of Microsoft technologies I am able to sit in my home in Croatia and discuss a business topic with a colleague from South Africa or my virtual team sitting worldwide.


But, that is not all. As a MACH there was also a possibility to participate on a contest – to tell a story in front of an audience at MGX and tell about making a difference at Microsoft. I applied and my story got chosen.  I usually had light fear of public speaking but this made me overcome it and improve myself. Imagine, you and Satya Nadella – both speakers at the same event!


Tell me just, wouldn’t it be great for you to experience this too?!



Gabrijela Korica

Delivery Manager


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