From intern to MACH – Andra Vasile

From an Intern to a MACH


During the time that I was a Microsoft Intern (see here) I embraced the idea of growing myself through others and by growing others.


Step by step I found myself involved in an open-minded environment that briefly accepted my personality and appreciated the skills that I could add to the team.  I felt so relieved to find the same core values in my workplace. Empowering yourself by empowering others is a lifestyle that you can easily have if you are a Microsoft employee. So before making this step I would recommend analyzing Microsoft’s culture and see if you identify yourself with the growth mindset that it is involved.


The MACH program is your access key to innovation and to the digital transformation of this world. Being a MACH helps you to easily get involved in the community and connect with people that have different perspectives and ways of embracing life.


I am now a Technical Support Engineer for the Windows Team and I can collaborate with people from all over the world. I have the opportunity of putting another brick on the road of achieving the cultural inclusive world that we all deserve.


Life at Microsoft is all about helping to build and improve the future by active listening to people’s needs, transforming their feedback into reality. In order to achieve this, you get in touch with part of the world’s best experts. You build a network with people that have diverse backgrounds and life experiences, but the same values. Be an advocate of change, get involved and face expectations. Here you own your career and the company provides the resources to help.


My advice is to never stop challenging yourself and once you are in this big family: make it count. Prove that you are now a reliable member of your team and of Microsoft’s team. Be a learner and share with others everything that you gain from your MACH experience. Offer fresh points of view and constantly adapt. You will now be part of a never-ending changing business in a never-ending changing world.



On the Photo: Me, Daniela Tomoiaga, Marian Leica, Franceska Musat, Madalina Zamfir

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