Iuliia Volovik-Top tips on how to get to Microsoft

Don’t fake it.


The most complicated thing in everyone’s life is to be yourself especially in stressful situation with people that can give you ‘the chance of all your life’ or reject your candidate. All people in such conditions are trying to do their best, show the most remarkable qualities and find the common language regardless of whether they like or don’t like another person. And every mistake or strange reaction is considered to be the disaster that is going to ruin the whole plan so you start to act weird because of the fear. The fear of not to be good enough for this. But in fact does the denial reflect your professional impropriety? In some cases it is really so, when you don’t know Java it’s your weakness that has to be improved. But if your candidacy was rejected after a personal talk there is nothing to be upset about. It’s not a match! You and your manager are not the ‘perfect couple’, you don’t share the same values and have opposite goals. Work in a such tandem won’t be excited but inspiration and right atmosphere at work is significantly important. Both of you are searching for the soulmate and if you were denied -keep searching for opportunities! So the most important advice is to stop faking yourself. I used to say things that people expected to hear but my uncertain look said everything without words. I received ‘no’ after ‘no’ so I decided to change something in my behavior. Be yourself with all strange hobbies and desires! Something that many people call ‘weird stuff’ can become you trump card in Microsoft!


Full understanding.


After an accurate analysis I understood that I didn’t want anything for real. I consider that the real success starts with the full understanding. Understanding of what you want, how you can achieve it and what will be the result. Previously, I just pretended to become the same successful as all this ‘super important people around me’. And the new goal finally appeared– find you love, find something that drives you, that makes you feel obsessed and addicted!


Be patient.


Sweet offers can come during the selection process to Microsoft. But frankly speaking, is here is anything sweater than Microsoft position? So be strong and wait for the best offer in your life!



Iuliia Volovik  


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