Ivan Pranjic- croatian MACH’s story

My name is Ivan and I come from the Croatian subsidiary where I joined Microsoft as a part of a MACH program as an Associate Consultant. The presence of Microsoft in Croatia is really strong as Microsoft invests a lot in students and young people as well, and that’s the way how I got introduced to Microsoft. While I was on Faculty of Science in University of Zagreb, some guy told me about Microsoft Student Partner programme and that’s how I found out what is Microsoft doing in Croatia especially with students.


I spent 3 and a half years being a Microsoft Student Partner and at the time being I found out that there is a MACH role opening in Croatia which was I chance I didn’t want to miss. I wanted to be a part of a corporation that changes the world on so many different levels and I wanted to be a part of that solution. Long story short, I got a job as an Associate Consultant in a team where my job is to help develop modern applications and solutions along with our partners for our customers.


Being a MACH is the best thing that happened to me yet, and I didn’t even imagine how good it can be because I am doing a job that I simply love. For me, helping our customers every day to improve their business by developing solutions with exciting latest technologies and you get paid for doing what you love, is the best thing that can happen in someone’s career. And the coworkers, they are just amazing: not only my local coworkers, but every single employee I got in touch with, they are really willing to help you.


Going on the MACH events is great opportunity for you is to meet so many people somewhere your age with so much positive energy and passion and that really get’s you pumped up.


However, working at Microsoft is really challenging and the most important thing to do is to become the master of your own time. Being a MACH gives you a unique experience as a Microsoft employee because you are at the same level with other coworkers, you have your ramp up period which takes a few months, and after that everything depends on you and your work and results, although I must emphasize that you are never alone and in every moment there is someone you can turn to for help.


Hiring process is somewhat different that you may have experienced applying to some regular job, but not be afraid because along the process there are recruiters that will help you along the way. My tip for all the people that want to apply to a MACH position in Microsoft is really a clich√©: BE YOURSELF! As dull as it seems, the best thing you can do is to be yourself during whole interview and assessment process because even if you don’t know something, just show them your eagerness to learn and develop yourself.



Ivan Pranjic


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