Joanna Frej – Partner Channel Marketing Manager


There are many people in Microsoft who came to the company with a strong background experience within the business sector. MACH is an unique opportunity to join this skilled team right in the beginning of one’s career. Everyone here understands that as a fresh graduate, in the beginning you are not familiar with business specifics and they are very eager to help you and answer any of your questions. My role is Partner Channel Marketing Manager for Small and Medium Business (PCMM SMB). I am responsible for coordinating marketing activities within our SMB team (focused strongly on sales). I work closely with our partners on their marketing campaigns to join common-goals (through-partner marketing) + work on their knowledge and excitement about our products via conferences. webinars etc. (to-partner marketing). I look forward to connecting with MACH community around the world. One of our meetings will be during the global company meeting in the US, where usually only high-level managers are invited. Very exciting news and strategies are announced there and I will be the first to know!  I think that these two years at Microsoft will give me a great career boost that I couldn’t achieve without being part of MACH programme.


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