Katarzyna Pieniążek – Surface Junior Category Manager


I am a Surface Junior Category Manager. My role is versatile, which excites me every day. From the very beginning I was given a big chunk of Surface performance ownership. My everyday activities include e.g. go-to-market strategy creation, distribution operations handling, audience marketing execution. In other words, bunch of eventful actions in wide scale from sales forecasting to DJ workshops planning. All is done in around such a cool, useful and beautiful device as Surface Pro 4. MACH gives a tremendous opportunity for self-development from various perspectives. What is more, this is YOU who choose the perspective you want to stress on. So far I accomplished my 6th month on MACH program. First of all, extremely valuable aspect is on-the-job-training, so your everyday activities in your demanding role and learning from the top experts on the market. Moreover, I’ve already participated and contributed to several international workshops and conferences. Moreover, program empowered me also to reach out to top managers in Microsoft. Me with my fellow colleagues from MACH program had e.g. direct career development session with Satya Nadella himself!

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