Kinga Debreczeni Productivity Solution Sales, EPG, Microsoft Hungary

Kinga is 28 years old, Hungarian—and is a real “bundle of energy”, who loves all kinds of energizing activities. Not only she was a professional tennis player when she was (really) young; during winters, she cannot hold back to get on the slopes skiing, and recently she started a new outdoor activity, which is horse riding. Together with her boyfriend, she often travels the world and loves discover new cultures and places. And wow, listen to that—the two are real gourmets, always searching for the best restaurants wherever they can find creative and delicious cuisine.

Now—next to all these fun things, Kinga also works very hard, and at her young age, she already can look back on an impressive career:  she graduated in International Business from Corvinus University in Budapest, and also holds a master degree from the University of Greenwich in London. Two years ago, she joined our Hungarian subsidiary as MACH hire (prior she was at GE Healthcare and PwC) and today assumes the role of Productivity Solution Sales in EPG.

Asked about her experience as MACH, Kinga gets excited: “I am very proud to be a MACH at Microsoft, and working with all the great colleagues, who value a fresh mindset, is very rewarding. I feel really empowered to directly contribute to the business, which is fantastic. Besides our daily work, the MACH program also offers a wealth of personal and professional development opportunities, and helped me build an interesting international network with other MACHs.”

One of the most exciting projects where Kinga directly contributed was the for one of the major telecoms in Hungary with Office 365  deal “We started the discussions two years ago and after several ups and downs we finally closed the deal in the last week of FY16.  I was involved into the whole process, working with a team of 15 people, which was a fantastic example of great teamwork. I learned so much from my colleagues, especially how to move forward in critical situations. I am very grateful and proud to be given the opportunity to participate in such exciting projects.”

Finally, she competed in this year’s FY16 MACHallenge as part of the Hungarian team together with four other amazing MACH colleagues. Congratulations for being awarded the 2nd place!  Kinga brings it nicely to the point: “For me, this was clearly the cherry on the cake of my 2.5 years’ experience as a MACH—an experience that I wouldn’t want to have missed.”

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