Krzysztof Kachniarz – Account Technology Strategist


I work as an Account Technology Strategist, so my duties are building trusted relationships with customers, sharing my knowledge of the Microsoft platform and creating a vision of how Microsoft can be the customer’s best partner. My mission is to empower their business. Promoting the long-term growth of Microsoft Azure is also one of my core priorities. I spend most of my time on direct interactions with customers (calls, face-to-face meetings, attending events). For me, working in Microsoft is an opportunity to take part in challenging projects that impact millions of customers and partners. Possibility to cooperate with many highly experienced IT and business professionals is the best benefit I could ever imagine. What I really enjoy is the opportunity to take part in both technical and soft-skills trainings. I do believe that MACH program is an unique accelerator. If I were to choose I would become a MACH one more time.

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