Microsoft Career Club Warsaw

Dear Students! Microsoft  is piloting a completely new program for those of you  who can’t yet  apply for  our Intern nor MACH programs – simply because of the eligibility criteria  (you need to be a senior year student or a  recent graduate).


Right now, in Warsaw Poland we are accepting  applications for a first edition of Microsoft Career Club.




Due to popular demand Microsoft Polska decided to open Career Club for wider audience:)
We can now also invite students currently in their 2year (of 1st degree BA/engineering deree)
We encourage you to apply!



What  is it?


Simply a  platform enabling you  to  improve  your soft skills and technical & business acumen; giving you an access to Microsoft subject matter experts who  agreed to dedicate their time and support this initiative


What that means exactly?


Microsoft Warsaw will host between 8 to 10 workshops and trainings throughout the upcoming academic year, inviting up to 20 selected  students to take part in all of them.

On top of that the students will be invited to the informal networking events and have a chance to meet Microsoft employees and students who are part of our programmes including interns and graduates.




At the beginning of October 2018 through to June 2019


Who can apply?


Students interested in careers in IT (&preferably Microsoft:) and gaining valuable technical knowledge –who are currently doing their 1st OR 2nd year of 1st degree studies (bachelors or engineer) so that entering the Club you are on the 2nd year (and eligible to apply for 2019 edition of Microsoft Intern program).


Deadlines and selection:


  • Application period February-April 2018
  • 3-stage selection process

– apply on-line with current CV in English +  short motivation letter (1 pager explaining why you are interested in Career Club and what you think you will gain from it)

– on-line test

– skype catch-up




What do i get:


  • KNOWLEDGE – up to 10 FREE workshops and trainings hosted in Microsoft office in Warsaw
  • opportunity to network and meet our employees
  • improving your chances when applying for prestigous Microsoft Intern Program (path to become MACH program member)






Soft skills trainings:


  1. Kasia Cymerman, HR Manager – Leadership Presence
  • In this session you will learn how to effectively influence others with your presence and build your personal brand to become effective Leader
  • Est time 120-180 minutes


  1. Daria Gostkowska, HR Director, Design Thinking
  • How to structure discussion around problem solving, envisioning and closing the gap based on the business case example
  • Est time 120-180 minutes


  1. Daria Gostkowska, HR Director, Brand Called You
  • Perception is Reality – how to design our personal brand as a business person
  • Est time 120-180 minutes


  1. Daria Gostkowska, HR Director, MBTI
  • Intro to the concept of personality types, dynamics it creates in business environment, as well as building self awareness of our own preferences.
  • Est time 120-180 minutes


  1. Jacek Myrcha, Senior Program Manager, Dream Big Until it Scares You – Your Personal Development Plan
    • How to plan your personal development. How to start. What’s important. What makes people successful. Is it working ?
    • Est time: 120-180 minutes


  1. Jacek Myrcha, Senior Program Manager, Satisfaction is not enough
    • Learn which companies are most successful. Discover what makes the WOW experience. WOW your grandmother, your partner, your friend.
    • Est time: 90 minutes


  1. Marta Gretkiewicz, Technical Account Manager – Presentation skills
    • Est time: 180 minutes



Technical skills trainings:


  1. Kuba Borkowski, Modern Workplace presales Consultant, – Office 365 – tools and usage scenarios
  • How to get your O365 up and running – basic configuration and administration + Modern workspace & collaboration services (incl. MS Teams)
  • Est time 180 minutes


  1. David Chroscielski, MSP Country Lead, – PowerApps & Flow
  • Est time 180 minutes


Marta Gretkiewicz & Rafał Madycki, Technical Account Managers, – Power of Cloud – Tech Introduction to Azure cloud services

    • Learn Azure features and platform capabilities
    • Create your very first own cloud solution


  1. Borys Rybak, Technical Evangelist, – How to make your data smart with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services



Advanced topics (for volunteers)

*Borys Rybak – Azure Machine Learning Studio & Azure Workbench & R + Python

*Borys Rybak – CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit) and practice usage in business (object detection/recognition)

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