Microsoft through Videos – Part 1


Have you ever wondered how Microsoft looks like from the inside, but had no one to actually relate that to you?

Do you want to know more about the challenges and responsibilities of people from within the company?

If at least one of your answers was a straight “YES” then you find yourself on the right article, because with this article and more that will follow, we are bound to bring you a series of testimonials which will shine light on many of the questions you might have.


Let’s start, shall we?

Firstly we would like you to know Ozana. She took up the challenge of undergoing an internship program at Microsoft in the summer of 2016, internship program which, by her own words, could be described as it follows:

“The internship as a Technical Support Engineer was a great experience. Firstly, it helped me develop my technical skills, it gave me a comprehensive view of how components from different areas of technology work together. Secondly, talking to customers improved my communication ability. If you want to work in an environment that is focused on providing technical expertise and learn to communicate efficiently, apply for the internship! Microsoft is the best place to work, with friendly coworkers, the latest technologies and … breakfast in the morning!”

Next on the list we have Ovi. He moved from Timisoara to Bucharest only to join the Microsoft team and learned French in just one year – talking about Growth Mindset!

Let’s hear what he has to share with us:

As mentioned, this article will only be the first from an upcoming series of articles which will be focused on providing you with an insight on a majority of roles from inside Microsoft!

Stay tuned for more!

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