Nastia – Digital Architect intern from Moscow

Hi guys! I’m Nastia and I’m a Digital Architect intern in Microsoft Consulting Services in Moscow


My Background


This year I’m graduating from master’s degree from Higher School of Economics with a degree in Innovative technologies. Usually people are surprised when they hear my specialty, but It is something between economic and technical fields. I always had a passion for technology and desire to make my career in an information technology company. In Microsoft, you are not only going to improve people’s lives but you’re also going grow and develop yourself.


My role


It’s a good thing that I got into a lot of interesting team – Digital Architect Services. What do Digital Architects do? DAS was created in Microsoft some years ago. The rise of many technologies is required to focus on building of the digital business. Digital Architect helps customers to deliver Digital Transformation journey by connecting the power of new digital economies, through a collaborative and relationship-based approach. Transformations programs through an information insight, industry focus and business transformation experience to help our customers to change the way they engage with their own customers and to help them to transform their products while they optimize their operations. Now I’m involved in several projects simultaneously to help my colleagues create DT envisioning to the client. I like my job because I need to dive in every industry deep enough and learn something new.


The Assessment Centre Interview


I have always wanted to build my career in Microsoft and as the most of students I thought that it would be virtually very difficult or even impossible. 😀 The application process is including a test, an interview and an assessment center in office. I think the most important at the interview is to show your passion and enthusiasm and answer yourself why do you want to work in Microsoft.



That’s all from me, good luck with your application process and do not forget to be yourself!



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