Pavel tells why Microsoft is the best choice for students

I’m Pavel and I’m an intern in the Consumer Channels Group (CCG) in Microsoft Czech. Currently I’m studying Project Management of Innovations at Czech Technical University in Prague.


My role

My job contains two main activities. The first one is analyzing sales data from the whole Czech Devices Market. That means that I track which types of devices are sold the most, and what features these devices have. The second aspect is driving of small projects involving customized devices (especially 2 in 1 devices) for end users. For example, I drove a project involving a 2 in 1 Student device in cooperation with International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and one of the biggest Czech retailers – Alza. Currently I’m working on a special tablet for children, that is supposed to be their first PC/tablet ever. Work around this project is really exciting because it contains lots of different tasks and requires lost of collaboration with other colleagues.


The Culture

People in Microsoft work hard!…but when you ask for help they are willing. I’ve been working for Microsoft for 6 months, during that period I have had the opportunity to participate in 6 official or unofficial teambuilding activities (and also there are still some that I missed due to school activities!). This is so great, because you feel like a real member of a team and also helps me to be as informed as possible. When I started to work in Microsoft it was just a few weeks before moving to the new building. The new premises are beautiful! but most importantly, they also allow me to work from school, because everything is achievable through the internet, which is useful for students that have to spend lot of time with studying!


Why Microsoft?

Last week I was asked to participate at a job fair focused on students of universities. I was quite surprised how many students instantly connect career in Microsoft with IT skills, programing etc. Of course, Microsoft is a market leading company in the technology business, but there is really a lot of marketing specialists, salesmen, financial controllers, data analysts etc. Obviously that is necessary to know Microsoft products, but nobody expects you to know how to program them!

That is also the reason why Microsoft is definitely the best choice for students. You can try lots of specializations if you want, and every time there will be somebody with great experience who could share them with you and helps you with your own professional growth!



Consumer Channels Group (CCG)

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