Rafał Madycki – Technical Account Manager


Being a MACH in Microsoft is the best time to grow and learn. MACHs can more easily get to know the entire company and, what’s more important, get a real fast start into the role. Working in Microsoft opens unlimited possibilities for anyone’s career. This company never limits you to one role – it’s the opposite, it’s encouraging you to change, grow and explore new areas. As a Technical Account Manager, I work with Enterprise companies to make sure they use the full potential of their support services and have the modern, healthy and risk-free IT infrastructure. I work closely with IT departments to find out what are their organizational goals that could be pursued by them and the technological solutions. As a part of MACH program we take part in dedicated training for MACHs. They are perfect to get to know the role better, but also helps to develop interpersonal skills used in the work every day. And no – these are not typical trainings available on the market. They are tailored for our roles and are facilitated by top trainers with a great career path. MACH program gives great opportunity to join Microsoft at a real role, shortly after you finish studies. This is the best place to work but also to do more. As a part of MACH program we take part in a project led by MACHs, which aims to create something beneficial for all the society. With the resources provided by Microsoft it feels great that we can do something meaningful for all of us.

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