From Student to MS Intern – Andra Vasile

From a student to an intern


What I learned over the years is that if you respect yourself enough you will do the things that you like and you will do them with passion. And if your passion involves technology and the willing to help others, Microsoft is for sure the place to be. To do things right is always good, but to do them right in an unique manner that will impact the life of many people is even better.


When I first got the email that I was selected to attend the interviews for a Technical Support Engineer Intern position, I honestly believed that it was a message sent by a virus. I did not know where to start and how to prepare, but the recruiting team was always there to help and encourage me.


I highly recommend to be yourself during the recruiting process. At Microsoft authenticity is truly valued and encouraged. What I repeated myself over and over again is that the competition was never between me and others. The competition is always between me and myself.


Once you get accepted, be aware that this program is also for you to find out if Microsoft is the place that fits you better: if you identify yourself with the company’s mission and you would like to be part of this diverse community. Be open to learn from everyone you meet and share your ideas among others. Never be afraid of asking questions and always be ready to be challenged by your mentor.


So, are you brave enough to embrace this opportunity and to show your one in a kind self at the interviews?

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