Successful stories at Microsoft – Noemi Fogarasi

Successful stories at Microsoft

Success might be quite a relative word or concept; it is a subjective experience and closely related to each individual’s grit and drive. When we talk about success the question that always arises is how can we cultivate this success? And in our case how do we, as Microsoftees, manage to progress in our careers? There isn’t such a thing as a certain and thoroughly tested recipe for this; nevertheless we can take a look into one of the success stories and the evolution path of Noemi Fogarasi, Support Engineering Manager, and we might just get some tips&tricks.


  1. Please tell us something about yourself. 

Well, 6 of my 29 years I have spent with Microsoft, I graduated Computer Science applied in Economics and I am passionate about how technology can shape our lives and businesses.


  1. Can you give us some details about your career path at Microsoft?  

My love story at Microsoft started as an Intern some 7 years ago. I loved it, so as soon as I finished my Erasmus semester abroad, I applied for a job and was recruited as a MACH and Support Engineer for SharePoint. After about 3 years, I took on a new challenge as Technical Advisor within my team. Right now I am a Support Engineering Manager for a very challenging and rewarding piece of the business: Developer Support.


  1. That is quite an ascending slope. Can you tell us then what motivates you most in your work? 

It’s working with people who are authentic. And courageous. Who dare to be different. And who understand that it still takes Grit and Hard Work, no matter what else you’ve got going for you. And at Microsoft, there are so many professionals that I can learn from!


  1. How do you think the MACH experience helped you in moving forward with your career? 

First and foremost, it allowed me to build a diverse network. Second, but just as important, it provided me with an understanding of the company strategy, pitched by inspirational stakeholders. So it connected pieces of the puzzle for me which helped me understand how my role was part of the bigger picture and this gave me a lot of energy and sense of meaning for my work.


  1. What is the part you most enjoyed in being a MACH? 

The community. We are a people business and every experience I have had revolves around the people. The amazingly different people who come together as MACHs. On a personal note, I also enjoyed the traveling. J


  1. Would you recommend Microsoft as best choice for students? Why?

Would I still be here if I didn’t? The why is important though. And it can be different for each one of us. For me, it’s access to emerging technologies, access to world class experts in Business and Technology alike and it’s the investment in people. You see, I am still in School… Have always been. Learning never stops. I am in a  school with the best teachers so far. Only we call them mentors, coaches, peers.


  1. What advice would you give to new MACHs concerning their next career moves? 

Be good at what you do first. Be really good. And don’t think you’re a unicorn. You’re in the big league now and people around you are smart, talented and hard-working. It takes patience to play in the big leagues, but it’s truly worth it!

So before you think of your next move, make sure that you grow into your role. Your work is your resume and it’s your ticket to the ‘next round’.

Last but not least, be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all, as the job you have today might not exist in 5 years from now and the job you’ll have 5 years from now might not exist today.


Thank you for the interview, Noemi!


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