Tolganay Urazgaliyeva Marketing Communications Manager

Tolganay has joined our Kazakhstan subsidiary in Almaty in January 2016 as Marketing Communications manager MACH, focusing on SMB marketing. This 23-year old young talent has a great passion for learning foreign languages —next to Kazakh, she speaks Russian, English and Korean, which is amazing. At her young age, she has an impressive track record: Tolganay won a scholarship for a 1-year high school exchange in Danville, Kentucky in the US, where she built strong ties with her American guest family, that today she considers as her “second family”. She holds a bachelor degree in “International Business” from SolBridge International School of Business in South Korea. And not to forget, she is a very sporty volleyball coach (she has been playing volleyball since middle school), and even had founded a volleyball club during her university studies.


Tolganay loves her job: “Being able to make an impact for Microsoft in not so developed countries such as Kazakhstan is very exciting. Right now, it feels that it is the perfect time to be part of the CIS team and help make a difference in driving the digital transformation of our country.” Next to traditional marketing communications activities and campaigns that she’s putting in place together with the Kazakhstan team, she is a big fan of Digital Marketing—that she considers being still at an early stage in the country, but holds great potential.
When asked how the MACH program helped her develop, Tolganay is very outspoken: “Since I joined Microsoft, I met renowned business influencers, participated in the best trainings, and received mentorship from people that I never imagined I would meet in person. The MACH program is the best way to start a career as a fresh graduate and to develop skills and capabilities. I always receive the support from my managers and marketing colleagues, independently of their job title or level. And finally, I love to hear people saying “Wow! At such young age, you work for Microsoft, that’s amazing!”—it truly makes me feel special and proud.
Tolganay Urazgaliyeva
Marketing Communications Manager
CEE Multicountry CIS

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