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My Microsoft Story



It’s an amazing opportunity to be 20 years old and work full time for Microsoft. There is so much you can learn, not just about the technology, but also how to interact with the high-level customers and how to transform their business.


I started in February 2017 in the Enterprise department as the Microsoft Sales Excellence for Slovenia & Albania. Every day I was staying late and learning about the customers, products, tools and how to be better than the day before. And I loved it! I never stopped learning and was constantly thriving to achieve more and as a result, in July 2017 I started working for the whole Adriatic region (Slovenia, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).


Internship at Microsoft has definitely been one of the best things that has happened to me professionally so far. Since I started working here, I have learned many new things and not just that, I have also received a greater insight into the way the business is done with partners and customers, how to help them in their digital transformation towards the cloud and how to work in a team across segments to achieve our goals.


I would recommend Internship at Microsoft to everyone who is willing to learn, embrace new things and has a growth mindset. It’s an amazing diverse environment where everyone has something new and fresh to bring to the table. You work with a great team that always pushes you to do your best.  And you also get to have some fun in the process.



Ziga Podgrajsek – Microsoft Sales Excellence

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