Jakub Madle – My role at Microsoft

My role at Microsoft


Hi, I am Jakub and I joined Microsoft in April 2015. My role is SMB Marketing Lead for Czech Republic and Slovakia. I am responsible for many tasks which can be grouped into: „Organizing “, „Controlling “and „Connecting people “.


„Organizing “stands for most crucial marketing activities I deliver. In my job, I organize many webinars, events, direct and indirect campaigns. To make it more clear I will share with you what I must do when I organize webinar for IT managers. To do so I must prepare platform on which we will stream webinar, generate links for registration of attendees, create emails that will be used for invitation, send these emails on suitable audience, find speaker for topic I want to deliver and finally follow up attendees of webinar.


Organization of webinars also include „Controlling “. So, during campaigns I must control all activities. In addition to this I am responsible for SMB Marketing Budgets. So, before new fiscal year I create marketing plan and forecast spending by month. And then during year I control if all money is spent. And if market situation change I have adjust marketing plan and come with new ideas to deliver results.


„Connecting people “is also big part of my job. I must ensure that information flows thru SMB Segment. I connect product marketing, segment marketing and sales to reduce costs and create more opportunities for sales. I am also attending strategy meeting of SMB segment and whole marketing organization. It gives me unique view on company and its future steps.


I like my role because it is very diverse and I can learn many things from experienced people. Microsoft offers MACHs huge opportunity to grow and flexibility in job. Both is very important for me and I am happy that I am part of this company.



Jakub Madle

Partner Channel Marketing Manager

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