7 interns gathered from different part of Greece

Alex, Gloria, Lisa, Manos, Marilda, Mike and Olga are the Microsoft Interns Greece Team!


7 students gathered from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds, totally different personalities, but they all make the first wave of interns at Microsoft Greece. They’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their thoughts with you and take you through our daily life at Microsoft.


Why you should choose to do an internship

Ok, we get it, College/University life is awesome. You are surrounded by great professors and scientists, have inexhaustible access to new knowledge, meet classmates that share your interests and have a lot of fun, too. But, as carefree this period may be, an internship is a door to a whole different world; a world where you are to take advantage of your hard skills and use them practically, broaden your professional horizons, get exposure to the industry and do some serious networking!


Why you should choose Microsoft

Working at Microsoft is, as expected, cool! You get the opportunity to work with top notch professionals and not only see the industry from the inside, but be in the top of it, working with cutting edge technology and excellent resources! You are given responsibilities from day one, you get involved, you get the opportunity to solve real world problems and do things that have a real impact. If you love tech, there is no place you’d rather be.


Why should Microsoft choose you

As cliché as it might sound, Microsoft will choose you for your passionate-amazing-cool self. Relax, you just have to be you; but your best you. Remember: skills are important but passion is priceless.


Why you’ll have an amazing time

Can you imagine a better environment than one with open-minded, interesting and inspiring people? People who invest their time to you, they mentor you, they listen to your ideas, as they are all open to challenge and change the way they work.


Wait, did we mention Xbox? This is not a drill, guys! Available Xbox for you to use before work, after work, during work



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