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What excites me most as a person is to explore new fields out of my scope and connect with new people. That’s why you will find me enjoying things like playing capoeira and experimenting with 3D printers to volunteering in a NGO that uses technology to improve the life quality of people with disabilities. Among the above, I have studied “Industrial Management & Technology” in Greece and “Management of Software Projects” in Spain during Erasmus. And all the above make the dots that lead to where I am today.


My role

I work in SMSP, which is a commercial department in Microsoft. My role is to support the sales teams of SMSP by optimizing procedures and extracting important insights by working with data. The thing that intrigues me about my position is the fact that it requires from you to use and grow both business and technical skills, and this complexity makes almost each day different from the next one.


Tips for the application process

It’s my pleasure to share with you a few insights of my experience so far in Microsoft and a few tips that I’ve found helpful for the application process. The first stages of the application process which are the online application and personality test, are pretty standard for everyone. What you have to do is to show why you want to be part of Microsoft and why you have chosen to apply for a specific stream.
The interesting part begins with the interview with a person from the recruiting team. Use this opportunity for yourself to learn more things about Microsoft and see if the company culture fits you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it is your chance to show what matters for you most in your job.
And after that, comes the best part according to my experience…the assessment day! It is a whole day prepared for you and you should enjoy it. Everyone is very friendly and supportive which helps to get stress off your shoulders. My #1 Tip for the day: Do what you know better in life which is to be yourself and to be authentic. I encourage you to share your passions, your ideas and the activities you love doing with the people you’ll talk with, and those qualities you have that make you unique.



Alex Mavropoulos

Business Operations Intern

SMSP (Small, Midmarket Solutions and Partners)

Athens, Greece

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