Lisa tells about the best choice she’s ever made

I was born and raised in Greece and I am half Palestinian. I study Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business. While at top 1% of my class, I was elected student representative at the University’s Senate and I volunteered as a math tutor for students from unprivileged families. I was, also, working as a research fellow for the EU and I interned for a Judge at the US Court in New York. On my final year, I got the EU scholarship to do the final year of economics of the University of Kent in the UK. After getting my Economics Diploma from Kent I had to return to Greece to complete my Bachelor.


Three weeks later, I saw that Microsoft Hellas was recruiting interns and I immediately applied for the Business Positions. I was invited to take an online test and then to have a Skype interview with my recruiter from Microsoft University Talent Acquisition team. A couple of days later, I had another interview with the hiring manager in Greece, the M&O Lead, who then became my manager.


8 months later I can say it was one of the best choices I ever made. Working at Microsoft, I do things I enjoy and I see them ‘’live’’ later on. I work with bright and open minded people in order to share the Microsoft story and the story of our products. Plus, I have enough time for my favorite activities which are travelling, snowboarding and reading.


In Microsoft I work as a Marketing and Operations Intern. I get involved in really cool and challenging marketing activities like the launch of Windows 10 in Greece. The marketing of products that are on the peak of technological innovation couldn’t be more exciting. You put your hands on technologies that couldn’t even be imagined yesterday and you get to be part of communicating these new products and the story of transformation to people and businesses. Part of this are, also, our customer success stories that I have a chance to work on. Moreover, I undertake some executional parts of our projects which includes conducting the legal and financial activities and working with our suppliers for the creation of events and campaigns; I get plenty insights about how the business as a whole function. It is great because, you have the chance to develop your business skills, learn from the best and see your ideas in action. Totally worth it!


My top 5 Application tips


1. First, don’t be afraid to apply!


2. Then, nail your resume! Make it professional, make it personal.


3. Write an honest cover letter, where you show why you want to join Microsoft and how your personality and your story meets the Microsoft Story.


4. Prepare for the interview. Seriously, do your research. Don’t focus on hard facts and details like number and dates but you should know the vision of Microsoft, its products, its strategy and its competitors.


5. Relax before the interview. You don’t have to be the better than anyone else, you just have to be you. You don’t have to fit in a box nor any related experience is required. Personally, I enjoyed both of my interviews; they were more like an open discussion where I could ask as many things about the company as they could ask about me.


I am super excited to share my experience with you! I hope you find it helpful!



Marketing and Operations Intern

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