Top 5 tips to be hired as a MACH

Dear potential future applicant,


Are you interested in the Microsoft’s graduate program for young talents (called MACH) and the secret components to get hired by one of the most significant companies around the globe?

First of all, let me congratulate you as you are exactly the right starting point to get into the fantastic world of Microsoft. In a few paragraphs, I would like to share my 5 most important hints and tips that you should take into consideration when you are planning to apply for a MACH position.


1.BE CURIOUS and look up for MACH program!


Do a little online search, read or listen a few opinions about the company and the program itself. Optionally, you could participate in a Microsoft event to meet other employees, familiarize the atmosphere, have an impact about the corporate culture and finally make a decision about the application.


2.BE CONFIDENT and proud of your earlier activities and educational background!


As you can assume, there is a pretty long and in-depth selection process to find the most suitable applicant for your desired position. During these steps they are looking for talents who are enthusiastic, open-minded to learn and challenge themselves to achieve more continuously. Highlight your skills and abilities to prove your suitability. Underlining your experience from the past is a good option to do that. For example, share your role and activities as a member of a student association, or tell your story about how did you motivate others in a university project.


3.BE UNIQUE and distinguish yourself!


To make a footprint in the managers’ mind, convince them that you have a particular personality. Diversity is a significant indicator within the company, therefore we prefer interesting people. Be brave and share your opinion or out-of-the box ideas with your conversation partner to make a remarkable impact, ideally a positive one.


4.BE PROACTIVE, ask questions!


During your interviews and the assessment center plenty of questions could raise up in your mind. It is absolutely positive that if you dare to ask and show your interest about the topic, raise questions related to the task to solve it more effectively. Proactivity is necessary for your future success in the company, therefore you should practice it in this earlier stage as well.




Although, you have already proved your individual talent, it is also important to show your collaboration skills. Microsoft is a huge community, we rely and support each other to achieve more at the end of the day. Therefore, it is crucial that the future colleagues also share this mindset and work together successfully.

As you can see there is no tricky pathways or complicated processes to be a member of the next MACH generation. The most essential part or as we may call it the “secret ingredient” is your personality and your potential in itself. If you are ready to be part of a word-class program join Microsoft today and shape the business of tomorrow.


Julia Barcs

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