Our technology helps to empower customers through you. These positions give you the opportunity to have an impact on both internal and external customers.

You are the kind of person who can’t help but inspire people with the power and potential of technology. You’re hardwired to share with them how a program or new piece of hardware can improve their lives or businesses. Here, you can use your gift to become a trusted client advisor, supporting our customers and keeping our company growing in more than 100 countries around the world.


Typical roles within the Services stream are:

  • Associate Consultant,
  • Technical Account Manager,
  • Support Engineer,
  • Technical Evangelist




  • A Bachelor’s or Master´s degree in computer science, computer engineering, IT or electrical engineering or related fields
  • Pursuing or within one year of graduation from a full time Bachelor or Master’s program
  • Fluency in both local language and English
  • Strong interpersonal communication and public speaking skills
  • Passion for technology and for collaborating with external customers, such as a student technology consultant role or job
  • Technical background, e.g. with software coding experience in both class work and external projects
  • Experience with two or more of the following: network and desktop operating systems, information worker applications, database systems, messaging, management and operations, security
  • Microsoft Product Certification, MCSE or other technical certifications preferred
  • Skills in VB, C/C++/C#, ActiveX, COD/DCOM and/or XML or other development skills preferred
  • Confidence to manage executive relationships, both internally and with customers, to create business transformation


Come well-rested

You’ll typically meet for up to an hour each with three to six people during the interviews, and it’s important to be alert and mentally prepared.

Do you offer relocation assistance?

The best advice is to apply for jobs as you normally would. If a recruiter contacts you about a job, let the recruiter know about your relocation requirements. If that particular position does not have an international relocation budget available, the recruiter may also be able to assist you in finding similar jobs that do.

Does Microsoft do background checks?

Yes, we perform background checks on all new hires before their start date. A typical background check will verify employment and education and include a criminal record check. For certain positions, we may also perform a credit check.


Ask questions

Thoughtful questions demonstrate your level of understanding, your interest, and your passions, so don’t hold back.

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