Is working in the big corporation boring? Reporting from Kenia;)


Have you heard that working in the big corporation is boring? You imagine yourself sitting in the office the whole day? It looks completely different for us.  Traveling the world, learning new things every minute, empowering the world to achieve more, sharing and discussing new ideas with co-workers from all over the world, sounds like a good plan after graduation? Check out our story.


How it all started


We joined Microsoft at the beginning of March as Project Managers in the MACH Program. During this period, we have travelled to four different countries – Great Britain, Romania, Kenya and Dubai. Today, we would like to tell you about our shadowing adventure in the two latter ones. We got very excited when our MACH coordinator announced that we’ll do our shadowing abroad. We started looking for the opportunities and thanks to our mentors we found them.


In the middle of the jungle

We arrived on Sunday night to Kenyatta Airport and were more excited than ever, because tomorrow was going to be the day we will meet Sandra’s mentor in person.

He introduced us to one of the biggest customers in this part of Africa. We were able to take part in various workshops and discussions. We were surprised, how many Microsoft employees we met there. After the official part, we were discussing local traditions, summarizing our day and lessons learned over African cuisine. On Friday something we did not expect happened: we got half a day off to go on a safari and if you’re like most of our friends, the answer to the question you’re thinking is: yes, we did see a lion! We’ve also seen a giraffe, zebra and dozens of other animals we got a chance to see only in the zoo before.


Welcome to everything!


A phrase written on the leaflets of the tallest building of the world and it does summarize up accurately all Dubai has to offer.


Not everybody gets to travel over 4 000 km to meet their manager and teammates. Our teammates are from many different countries and work for customers all around the Middle East and Africa, now this is the international environment we hoped we would get to work at when writing that last exam in college and approaching graduation. In Dubai, we also had an opportunity to meet Emilia’s mentor. He spent the whole week teaching us about the job of the Project Manager in Microsoft. You can take as much training as you want, but nothing beats a day when you get to literally follow somebody senior in your position and have a peak on how their day-to-day responsibilities look like and how to manage them.


What’s next?

Well, next month we’ll reunite with all the fellow MACHs and thousands of other Microsoft employees at the Ready event in the US. See you all MACH friends in the next desert – Las Vegas!



To all the students and fresh graduates; Microsoft is a perfect place to find yourself after graduation, honestly. Thanks to MACH program, the transition from college to work is very smooth, you get to learn a lot every single day and it’s much more pleasant, as you get hands-on experience, practical knowledge and  learn from the best in the industry.

If you are inspired by our story, visit our FB page to be up-to-date with MACH openings.

Be proactive, curious and eager to learn and we guarantee you’ll love it here!


Emilia & Sandra

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