How to make your internship in Microsoft a jump start to MACH


  • Build a good connection with your manager and ensure he/she values your job – proactively ask for feedback sessions to make sure you’re moving the right way.  His/her opinion will be very important in your future MACH recruitment process.
  • Be visible – don’t miss any chance to attend a meeting and don’t be afraid to speak up and express your opinions. Take pride in your work and communicate your successes – the more people hear about you, the more they’ll treat you as a valuable asset to the company.
  • Set up 1:1 with current MACHs – ask about their current positions and responsibilities – that way you can learn a lot about how the MACH roles look like.
  • Meet up with representatives from different segments in the company – ask many questions to decide which segment and field (technical/sales/marketing/finance) suits you most. You definitely can change your career direction after internship – you just need a good justification.
  • Be prepared for the recruitment interviews– even though you are better-off in some ways, you still need to go through the whole process and show that you could really be more valuable to the company than other candidates.
  • Be natural – if you would treat the above, as some kind of imposed criteria to land a MACH offer, it won’t work. Do your best and be yourself – any behavior that you don’t feel comfortable with, will sooner or later become problematic.


Joanna Frej

Partner Channel Marketing Manager

Small & Medium Business


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