Skills-based volunteering – a project authored by interns from Poland

This year’s interns did something exceptional and out of the box – they stepped beyond their duties to inspire and share their experiences with others.

In September, a group of young people in collaboration with Szczęśliwej Drogi (Bon Voyage) Foundation have prepared and implemented their own authored competence volunteering project addressed to youth from orphanages at critical moment in their lifetime – just before leaving the facilities to live on their own.





Project participants during the final workshop at Microsoft offices in Warsaw, September 22, 2016



Thanks to the carefully prepared scenario the interns-volunteers during a two-day workshop held at Microsoft offices could pass a solid chunk of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, aboutbudgeting andsaving, digital education, auto presentation skills and building a brand in social media. By solving practical exercises developed for the program, the participants have acquired new skills in using Excel and PowerPoint applications.

Special guest of the second day of the workshop was Tomasz Nowicki, a former orphanage resident himself, currently the councilor of Konstancin-Jeziorna – one of the youngest councilors in Poland. Tomasz has shared his history and provided plenty of valuable advice motivating the workshop participants to go forward and continue with learning.


Finding a common language quickly was an icebreaker and created a pleasant atmosphere. Two days spent together resulted in new friendships being formed that continue until today. Interestingly and dynamically deliveredtrainings with use of diverse tools (coaching, mentoring, and training) resulted in very positive feedback we received from both the youths and their careers.

Congratulations to Asia, Pamela, Honorata, Cyryl, Marcin, Mateu
, Szymon and Kacper!Keep up the good initiatives! The project by this year’s interns from Poland is a wonderful inspiration and an example of how to deliver a skills-based volunteering project in a creative and engaged way!




This year’s interns (from left): Szymon Sokołowski, Cyryl Kocięcki, Pamela Chmielowska, Mateusz Florek, Joanna Stawicka, Marcin Malec, Honorata Woźniak, Kacper Zubrzycki



Kamilla Gibas, president of the Szczęśliwej Drogi Foundation:

” A very valuable initiative! I am hugely impressed with the attitude of these young people – trainees who have provided our youngsters with plenty of practical information about household budget management and auto presentation, so important to those brought up in an orphanage. I particularly appreciate their ability to share own experiences, a very warm atmosphere and great commitment of the hosts”.


Marta, project participant:

” The workshop taught me to manage my budget …and how to present myself to the future employer to make the best impression, such knowledge is priceless’’

Joanna Stawicka,Junior Edu Marketing Specialist/Intern:

We have spent quite a lot of time and effort on preparing these workshops, but it is nothing compared to the extreme satisfaction we have gained from this initiative. Our biggest reward was the ability to positively influence the lives of young people, their engagement in the activities and the smiles on their faces”.


Cyryl Kociecki,Enterprise Partner Group/Intern:

Of course there was apprehension and some amount of doubt or even fear of unknown on both sides before the workshops. However, it turned out to be completely groundless, as we found common language quickly. Thus, the workshops did not feel artificial at all – in fact we communicated naturally and managed to create a safe, trustful environment”.

PamelaChmielowska,Digital Advisor Associate/Intern:

“This was a very inspiring project to us, allowing a change of the stereotype of children from orphanages –they are just as we are, and even stronger!




Participants at workshop

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