Sherzod and Markha reveal how their adventure in Microsoft began


My name is Sherzod. Recently graduated from University, I have kept my goal which is working in one of the most influential companies in the whole world – Microsoft. This goal has stayed with me since 9th grade, when I finally figured out that I wish to impact peoples’ lives by providing necessities that would empower people to achieve more.

First thought that came to my mind was “obtaining fundamental knowledge and developing analytical skills are the basis for constant development in a pursuit for a great change in daily conventions”. I thought that technical education is a best way to receive those traits. However, it is never possible to change the world alone, therefore I was convinced that a proper environment along with a collective that shares my ideas and are determined to impact the world in various areas is required to nourish my desires. I knew that a company that has been one of the main drivers of the technological progress, that affected daily tasks of ordinary people is a best place to work.


After 6 years of studying I have finally found myself in an environment of people that stimulates my desire to achieve more and encourages me to act as if anything is possible


Sherzod Mirsadykov

Healthcare Business Development Intern PS





Having graduated with a major in a subject that was neither business- nor IT-related, I have never thought that I will end up working for Microsoft. But as I felt passionate about IT-trends such as big data, IoT and cloud computing and was fascinated with the opportunities they provide us with, I decided to apply. What I liked about the application process is its clarity and friendliness of the people I encountered during my interviews. I never felt nervous or intimidated. Like other interns, after the interview with our lovely lady from HR I was given two tasks that I had to present in several days in front my potential manager and after that in front of the Cloud and Enterprise Lead.


What I liked about the application process is its clarity and friendliness of the people I encountered during my interviews

As for my impression after several weeks working here, I will try to describe it in three sentences:


  1. During the first two-three weeks, I felt confused. I wasn’t able to comprehend what is going on and how I
    fit within our department and the sub, let alone within MS as a multinational company.
  2. You can rely on people around you: it is possible to dissolve some unclarity (but only some, haha!) quite quickly with the help of your “buddy”, manager, interns, even department lead and other supporting people whom you can find if you try to be amicable and open for both positive and negative feedback.
  3. You are expected to assume a considerable amount of autonomy in some questions even though you are just an intern and have no idea how the company ticks from within, which is stimulating but a bit frightening.

Markha Israilova

Product Marketing Intern

(Business Group, Cloud and Enterprise)

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