Lucie Vasickova: Audience Evangelism Manager in Developer Experience team


Dear Reader, first of all let me introduce myself. My name is Lucie and I am 26 years old. I was born in small village on West Bohemia. After 15 years spent in this small villiage I decided to discover bigger world and moved to capital city Prague to study firstly high school and then University of Economics. It was very important for me to gain practical knowledge so I had lot of part time jobs during my studies. The last one was first role in Microsoft. For 10 months I was Assistant of CFO, DX and M&O Lead. Thanks to this role I had an opportunity to understand the company culture.


My role

I have been working at Microsoft as Audience Evangelism Manager in Developer Experience team for 8 months. Basically, I am doing marketing for very specific segment – developers and ITPros. I am working with event and creative agencies to prepare our presence at biggest industry conferences, both Microsoft friendly and agnostic, and target my audience through owned online channels (social media profiles, blogs, video channels). On June 2016 we organized Xamarin conference for 150 people in our brand new Microsoft office in Prague. Besides that, I am in contact with technical universities and technical students and I also own the Microsoft Student Partner program in Czech and Slovak subsidiary.


My MACH experience at Microsoft

My experience in Microsoft could be described by three words: challenging, challenging, challenging… and bringing plenty of opportunities (for example to meet David Coulthard during Grand Opening of new office in Prague :-). Four months ago happened something which influenced my role very much – our two subsidiaries have merged and my scope is now extended to two countries: Czech Republic and Slovakia. This brings bigger responsibilities, lots of travel to Bratislava office and meeting many new interesting colleagues. My work allows me to work cross subsidiary with all different segments and roles.



Lucie Vasickova

Audience Evangelism Manager

Developer Experience team

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