Veronika Matlochova: What I like about working for Microsoft

What I like about working for Microsoft

What I value the most is influence. Very few projects at Microsoft have “small” impact. Everywhere you turn, the projects people are working on are likely to be used by thousands or millions of people. Moreover, you have the opportunity to change someone´s life through your work. For instance, last week we were teaching people at one job fair how templates in MS Office Word can help them stand out from the crowds of candidates and actually get better job.


It’s an awesome responsibility, but an awesome chance to create widely influential projects.


Microsoft has certainly had its share of useless products and project failures, but by and large it continues to focus on what matters. It might be something that will ease work of one company or it might be something that millions of people use every single day.



Veronika Matlochova

Channel Executive


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