Top 5 reasons to study information technology

In the modern era of information, computers are part of daily life and cover almost every aspect of what we do. Companies, homes, and institutions are deploying technology to save time and cost and simultaneously improve efficiency and productivity. As a field, information technology offers numerous opportunities for those who want to pursue information technology as a career. As an information technology expert, you will work to help your clients implement and maintain technology that pertains to their operations. Some reasons for studying information technology include:

1.IT offers a variety of career paths

The field of information technology is very diverse. A course in information technology can lead you into several different career paths. These career options include web development, IT support, programming, Network administration, computer forensics, and computer maintenance, to mention a few. You can also advance your education and teach information technology in colleges or the university. The field offers students an opportunity to major deep in their areas of interest.

2.You can work anywhere

Information technology is not limited to companies that manufacture computers or develop software. Almost every company has a computer system to run and manage their operations. All these companies need an information technology expert to maintain their systems and keep them running smoothly. As an expert in the field, you can work in almost any industry of your choice. You can venture into manufacturing, automotive, government, healthcare, government, entertainment, and financial services, to mention a few. You can also work as a freelancer if you prefer working on your own xnxx videos.

3. You will earn a lucrative income and grow your career

Many factors influence your choice of career. Aside from passion, the amount of money you will make from a career matter. You will earn more as you work your way up the ranks. As a graduate, you do not expect to earn as much as an expert with years of experience in the Industry. However, your pay will increase depending on your level of expertise and field of specialization. With ever-evolving technology, the field offers opportunities for you to grow your career. New technologies mean new opportunities and companies continue to create new opportunities in computer-related field. You can also opt to further your studies after your undergrad as a way of growing your career.

4. Always on Demand

Aside from a wide array of career options, computer technology is continually developing and evolving. These advancements in technology create a demand for information technology experts. Companies need computer experts to provide IT solutions that include creating, maintaining and fixing computer codes and devices. Estimates by the United States’ Bureau of Labor and statistics indicate a 13 percent increase in information technology jobs by 2026. Although the scarcity of employment persists, the field continues to show increasing demand for information technology professionals. This is good news for you who want to study information technology. Whichever area you chose to major in, the industry offers plenty of opportunities.

5. You experience what you are studying in class.

Information technology classes are often practical. You get to see what you are learning in class and practice the same on your computer. You can practice the theoretical part, modify things, create, and implement what you learn in class. You get to learn better by seeing and doing what you are learning in class. Practical courses allow you to remember and master concepts much faster than you would if you went for a pure theoretical class.

Safe Harren Group looks for interns and IT specialists

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Contract to Direct program If a contractor is assigned to your company for over 6 months, you are welcome to hire them without a placement fee. Or the fee can be prorated over the 6 months if you wish to bring them on sooner.

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The best of both worlds?

At Safe Harren Group, we sure think so. As an Authorized Intergraph Business Partner, we work hand in hand with both clients and consultants to bring together the best talent in Civil Transportation, Bridge, GIS, CAD, PDS, and MDL with the best projects in the nation.

To our clients, we are a rich resource of talented and experienced professionals in many areas of today’s top technologies such as Microstation, Intergraph, PDS, MDL, GeoMedia and MGE. For over 10 years, Safe Harren Group has been a first choice of utility companies, Federal, State, and Local Governments, as well as private industries and consulting firms looking to staff their most demanding projects.

To our Candidates, who are seeking contract or permanent positions, we offer the most exciting and challenging projects throughout the United States. Companies are scrambling for top Engineers, Designers, Technicians and Programmers and we know that the best have earned the right to be choosy. This knowledge is reflected in both the quality and availability of our projects, as well as our superior compensation plans.

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IT jobs available in Seattle US

The Digital Media Technology group is a small but growing team of software innovators that serves as a digital media incubation lab for We are seeking software creators and managers to help drive and define’s growth in new digital businesses across books, magazines, music, video and other categories.

We build unique and exciting digital experiences that delight our customers. Sometimes we create something amazingly useful, such as Search Inside the Book™, which helps millions of customers decide whether they want to purchase a specific book. Other times we develop customer experiences that are just plain fun. The common elements of our work include an eclectic set of rich media and taking what’s possible with digital media to the next level.

Of course we think our work is pretty cool, but don’t take our word for it. Browse the navigation at right to see what we’ve done recently and what others have to say. And don’t worry – there’s still plenty of inventing left to do. If the work you’re currently doing doesn’t put you on the digital forefront or isn’t being appreciated by at least 42 million people every day, consider joining our team. Digital Media Technologies develops an exciting mix of products in the digital text, music and video space. Our products include Search Inside the Book, rich media (audio/video/3D), digital music, software downloads, eBooks and eDocs, online manuals, order contingent downloads, and entertainment applications.

We’re looking for a highly technical Software Engineering Senior Manager who can drive technical projects and provide leadership for a group of software engineers in an innovative and fast paced environment. You will be responsible for the overall planning, execution, and success of the projects.

Qualities we are looking for:

Very high technical competence, track record of strong coding and individual technical accomplishments, and strong academic record.
Software background, Internet experience. Experience with financial systems and web-based transactions and security.
Entrepreneurial drive, demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative and fast paced environment.
3+ years relevant experience managing fast-paced and dynamic engineering teams.
Solid leadership skills and experience building strong engineering teams.
Strong project-management skills.
Proven track record for product delivery.
Able to fit in well within an informal startup environment and to provide hands-on management.
Establish credibility with smart engineers quickly.
MS CS preferred (MBA, PhD, a plus).