10 Best Programming Languages of All Times

Computer programming is an indispensable part of the digital world in which we live. If you wish to venture into computer programming, you must be wondering where to start. The numerous programming languages probably confuse you. There are different programming languages, and they are suited for various uses such as game development, web application, and mobile apps. Here is a look at top programming languages to help you start programming.


JavaScript tops in popularity among programmers according to developer survey of 2019 by stack overflow. JavaScript is a front-end programming language that finds wide application in designing and creating front-end applications. JavaScript allows developers to build interactive websites. You can use JavaScript with other languages to develop a variety of applications, including game development, mobile app development, web development, and desktop app development. The language is relatively easy to learn and boasts compatibility with all major browsers.


Python is another popular programming language. Python is an object-oriented language that supports multiple platforms. Python is popular for web applications porno. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more run on Python.You will also find python in many areas such as desktop apps, machine learning, and network servers. It is also great for API and back-end services. Python is fast easy to learn, and use.


Java is another popular Object-oriented language. Java is an open-source language that boasts wide adoption by many organizations. Programmers can deploy it to create enterprise web applications. The language is compatible with different platforms. Java is the foundation of Android operating systems and android apps. Java is easy to learn, and you can find numerous open-source libraries for Java.


Also called Go is a new programming language by Google. Although not very popular, its usage will likely increase soon. Go supports multithreading and thus favors companies that rely on distributed systems. Go is moderately easy to learn. There are few Go developers, and you can be among the first Go developers and lead in creating frameworks for Golang.


Swift is the programming language for developing iOS applications. The popularity of iOS gadgets is increasing rising. Apple iPhone, a competitor against android devices, boasts a significant market share. Swift is for you if you wish to target the iPhone users. Swift is fast and easy to learn thanks to its English-like syntax.


C is an excellent for low-level system programming. Most low-level systems, including operating systems like Linux are written in C. C is the programming language of choice if you want to create high-performance applications. C++ is an object programming language founded on the C programming language. C++ has a syntax that closely resembles that of C and is used for coding higher-level applications. C/C++ finds application in gaming, computer GUI and graphics, virtual reality and more.


PHP is a scripting language that runs on a server. Developers use PHP alongside HTML to create dynamic web pages on websites. It is also great for backend programming. PHP is very popular because it is free and cheap to set up and use. PHP is easy for beginners. Beginners and users can benefit from the huge support community and frameworks.



C# is the programming language for GUI in Microsoft. The language finds application in backend programming, developing apps for windows phones, building games (for PC and consoles), and more. The language boasts integration with the .NET framework. C# has syntax similar to that of C and the type safety feature makes it easy to learn.


MATLAB is for statistical analysis and scientific research. Programmers also use MATLAB for image processing. The language has numerous built-in libraries that make it easy to develop scientific simulations. You can add toolboxes to increase functionality. MATLAB is moderately easy to learn, and code does not require compiling for execution.

R programming language

R is a statistical analysis programming language. It is an open-source and very easy for beginners. R supports various platforms including Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. It finds applications in the fields of statistical analysis, machine learning, and data science tasks.