Computer Science versus Information Technology

The field of computer and technology offers immense opportunities. If you wish to venture into technology, you probably wonder which to choose from computer science or information technology. Many people use the two terms to mean the same thing. However, in professional terms, these two are distinct.

Information Technology

Information technology students study various tech tools that cater to the information management system needs of a business. A degree in Information Technology provides learners with extensive knowledge and essential skills and training to prepare them to meet the technology needs of companies and organisations. IT focuses on technology infrastructures such as databases, computers, software, computer networks, and servers. IT experts deploy these infrastructures and facilitate storage, processing, security, transfer, and retrieval of data. In summary, information technologists use their knowledge of computer systems and apply it in business.

IT professionals often interact and work with other staff assisting when technical problems arise. Thus, information technologists must have a people-oriented attitude and possess excellent communication skills. Patience is vital knowing that co-workers depend on IT experts to ensure their technology runs seamlessly. A degree in IT does not delve deep into programming, and students get to learn the rudiments of programming xnxx. Students can specialise in different fields and work as:
1. IT support technician
2. Software developer
3. Network security
4. Desktop support
5. Computer network architect
6. Data scientist
7. Forensic analyst.

Computer Science

Computer science focuses on understanding the principles behind computing and how computers solve problems. Computer scientists understand the kinds of problems that computers can solve. They also know how to present a problem for the computer.

Students pursuing computer learn discrete mathematics and the theories of computer science. Students also learn more about algorithms and data structures and selecting design patterns. Computer science graduates can find jobs as:
1. Software engineer
2. Computer hardware engineer
3. Database administrator
4. Information security analyst

Most graduate programs teach a limited number of programming languages, sometimes two. Consequently, those wishing to venture into software development must learn other programming languages to become professional software developers.

Those wishing to pursue computer science to graduate-level can venture into research. Alternatively, they can specialise and take up advanced roles like artificial intelligence programming. With a master ’s degree, one can work as a chief technology officer, IT consultant or chief technology officer.

The relationship

Despite the distinction, there is an overlap between the two. A degree in IT will have programming classes as part of the course work while a program in computer science will cover some IT areas. Computer scientists and information technologists may find themselves seeking the same opportunities. For example, some job adverts may require applicants to have and IT or computer science degree or a related degree.


Computer science deals with designing and developing technologies, while information technology implements these technologies. Computer scientists focus on the details of computer theories and how computers work while IT specialists identify, deploy, and maintain suitable technology for organisations.

Information technologists provide digital solutions integrating computer science into business.

Computer science focuses on the science aspect of computing, while IT focuses on providing technical technological solutions.

Your choice

If you possess high interest in learning the intricacies of computers and software development, then computer science is for you. Information technology suits you if you enjoy providing technological solutions to problems and you love working with other co-workers. Both computer science and Information technology are rewarding careers. Opportunities continue to increase as technology continues to advance and integrate more into society.